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Sebaste – Nablus

21st July 2019

This morning at 6 a.m. we have found our breakfast ready in the courtyard. We took lots of things (heavy) for our walk.

Today’s way is short, only 15 km. Davide had problems because of the bladders in his feet, so due to this, we went on slowly but constantly. Again, the walk demonstrates to be a metaphor of an entire life.

Since the beginning we followed the Abraham Path, marked in red and white. Almost immediately we arrived at the ruins of the Mameluke sanctuary of Elia the prophet. We visited it all. From here it has been more difficult to find the way, especially because in some areas it was full of brushwood interrupted by heaps of rubbish. Getting closer to Nablus, we literally had to climb on bags of foam rubber to continue the walk.

The only cash machine to take Shekel was in Nablus University. With difficulties we asked where it was but, in these areas, everybody knows not more than a couple of sentences in English. Finally, in a supermarket, one understood what we wanted. Speaking in Arabic, he made us understand that we had to follow him; he took us up on a road until the cash machine and helped us on the operations. It is a simple gesture of welcome among the many we experienced in these days in the Palestinian Territories.

Crossing the town has been a long way but at 12.15 p.m. we entered in the ancient part. The hostel where we are is a little jewel obtained from an old house in the narrow street that takes to the lively Nablus suq.

After setting us in, we went to the Jacob’s Well. Reading the Gospel of the Samaritan woman, going down silently and alone at the well, seeing the water…. has been an intense moment. We did not have the strength to go up on the Garizim mount. We returned to the old town to eat something and buy food.

We spent the night on the highest terrace praying and chatting together while the sun was setting and the town lights were turning on.


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