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Sea Level – Jerusalem

26th July 2019

The great day of the arrive in Jerusalem stated waking up at 5.30 a.m. in the Bedouin camp. The nigh had been fresh. The wind was blowing and raised the sand. By taxi we reached the service area and the Khan el Ahmar camp where the stage started. We crossed the highway and immersed ourselves in the desert again, following wadies and meeting Bedouins.

After 10 km we reached the paved road that in short time took us to the Arab city of Jahalin. Because of the mess it seemed to be back in Jenin. At the end of the village we arrived in Bethania in the church that, for the Catholics, was the house of Martha and Mary. The Franciscan that lives there welcomed us in his house offering us some fresh water and explaining us where we were. The information he gave us to reach the check-point was a bit different from the one of the GPS and caused tension among the three of us. What is the way to follow? Where is the check-point? Do we have to do this ascent? When we arrived at the wall, we coasted it. Impressive! Without particular problems we passed on the other side and started climbing the Mount of the Olives. A never-ending climb! But finally, we arrived!

On the Mount of Olives, we visited the orthodox monastery of the Ascension, the little church of the Ascension, the Our Father and the Dominus Flevit.

What a joy when they told me: “We will go to the House of Lord!”. Jerusalem, our feet are fixed in front of your doors! (Sal 122)

What a joy to see the Holy Town! It gave us the charge to go on. Gethsemane, Tomb of Mary, the entrance in the Old Town through the Lions Door…then we have succumbed under the heavy backpack, the heat and the fatigue. A taxi took us to the Jesuits where we are lodged.


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