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Nablus – Awarta – Duma

22nd July 2019

This early morning, we took the taxi to pass the Nablus check-point and reach Awarta after the military area. From there we started walking at first through the streets of the village and later on a wide dirt road going up the Samaria hills. The landscape is changing and you sense that, going more down, you will soon meet the desert.

Even though we had 17 km only, today we struggled. Probably we had started without energy, since we hadn’t neither a decent dinner nor a decent breakfast. Later, when the heat arrived, we had no energy left.

In the villages and in the towns, we crossed we were welcomed by the funny and curious greetings of the kids that came towards us on the road: “Hallo!”, “What’s your name?”, “How are you?” In Majdal, in front of a shop, the patrons gave us chairs and offered us fresh water.

When we arrived in Duma, we asked where was the lodging. They took us in a house. In that place there were women and kids only. Apart from the agitation and the embarrassment inhosting three men, they did their best to make us feel at home by giving us their welcome, letting us seat under the shadow, offering us water. By phone we spoke with Weil, the head of the family, to arrange the accommodation. We realized that we had made a mistake when we did the reservation, so we were not expected; furthermore, some relatives had arrived from Jordan for a family wedding…. but they found a place for hosting also us. We stayed in the outbuilding, promptly cleaned by the women of the house.

At 4 p.m. we had a snack (watermelon) with Weil that stayed some time with us to speak. Later at 7 p.m. we had dinner and a car tour to see the village and to see Jordan. We were taken to a village targeted by the Israeli settlers that also recently had brought death and sorrow.


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