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Diaries, Santiago 2013: French Way

Zubiri – Trinidad de Arre


mercoledì 10 luglio 2013

Ready, steady, go… at the first curve, while we were speaking, Carolina, Carlo and me ended in a closed road. -.-‘

Today short stage: 18 km. At the beginning we passed through an industrial area, then the walk unrolled in the Navarra’s pleasant hills between woods and wheat fields. At Larrasoana we met with other italian friends and walked together until our destination. Carlo and I stopped, they continued.

We chose a place in a very beautiful refuge with an internal garden and a small church… we have been the first arrived, at midday. We quickly had a shower, washed the garments and by bus we went to Pamplona to have an idea of the St. Fermin’s Feast.


Everybody, me included, was wearing the Pamplonica. It was impressive to see all town celebrating in squares, streets, bars, people dancing, singing, eating, drinking… we saw the way of the Encierro de toros: tomorrow morning we want to return and see it. We passed through today’s Encierro trying to find placxes and images that all TVs in the bars trasmitted. At lunch we had a glass of sangria.

“The fiesta was really started. It kept up day and night for seven days. The dancing kept up, the drinking kept up, the noise went on. The things that happened could only have happened during a fiesta.” (E. Hemingway, The sun also rises)

We want back at the Aubergue at 5.00 p.m. very tired; goodness knows how many kilometers we did walking in Pamplona!

For dinner as first course we had pasta with tomato sauce prepared by two Spanish, as second course we had pasta with tomato sauce prepared by us.

To finish the day we had a little beer in the garden with Roberto and Nicola.

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