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Diaries, Santiago 2013: French Way

Roncisvalle – Zubiri


martedì 9 luglio 2013

This morning, when I woke up, I was very lively: rested, no pain, ready to face a stage much less comlicated than yesterday’s one. The illusion lasted for short time, in fact, already at the third kilometer, weariness and shoulders ache started strongly. Flavio went on, while Carlo and me had stop more than once to have some rest. Today’s walk was deep in the woods: many sounds, scents and colors. Also the small villages we passed through were very characteristic.
The last three kilometers have been very important: I started thinking and I accelerated, puting a distance between me and Carlo. When the body gets used to it and does not suffer too much, when the mind is not blocked by the beginning’s euphoria, thougts flow like an avalanche and the heart’s injuies open.
Between ascents and descents, at midday, we arrived in Zubiri, where Flavio had been waiting for us for one hour to say hello and then continue.
With Carlo we took a place in the municipal hostel, we settled our things and then we went to put our feet in the river’s fresh water. What a relief! We have the whole afternoon to recover, while waiting for dinner. We will cook pasta with tomato sauce (hoping that the “tomate frito” that we bought at the supermarket is a real ready to use tomato suce).
22.10 p.m.
I am going to sleep. This afternoon I did not know how to spend my time. I arrived very early and after, having finished the things to do, I was getting bored. Thanks to all this available time, I started to really know the pilgrims that travelled with me. I met three italian priests, Donatella and Alberto from Milan, Ursula from Austria. We officiated the mass and we had dinner together sharing the things we had. Before each one went to its dormitory: group photo with other people that joined us. I go to bed satisfied: it is only the second day of walk, nevertimeless it seems I’ve known these people for an entire life. It’s incredible!
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